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Who's Your Webmaster?

Your Webmaster
Well, THIS is your webmaster

As you can see, this picture has been taken from the newspaper, because HE is not only "Your Webmaster" but a CELEBRITY in the world of Heavy Music. He has been drummer of many famous bands all around the world. Currently he is working with one the best bands of the world "METALLICA". Yes, we know what you are thinking: "wasn't their Drummer Lars Ulrich?". The answer to this is YES and NO. "Your Webmaster" is a very shy man who doesn't like to be exposed to the public, the multitude, the uncountable number of groupies, and many other things that surrounds a succesful rock band, so, he plays the drums but never puts a foot on the stages, that's Lar´s' job (who, by the way is a master of the play back).

But lets go ahead and learn a little more about "Your Webmaster"...

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He studied English Literature and Translation at "Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, UNAM".
After years and years of studying and dedication, his Alma Mater, decided to give him a scholarship and sent him to study in the USA back in 1996 at Blackburn College in Carlinville, Illinois.
He studied English at Anglo Americano de Idiomas and Anglo Mexicano de
Cultura, earning Advanced English, Proficiency and Teacher's Diplomas.
He likes shopping at ACA JOE, LEVI'S, MASSIMO DUTTI and PERRY ELLIS. He likes wearing ROCKPOT boots and dark clothes: grey, navy blue, black, and white(sometimes).
Food.- His favorite places to eat at are Los Danzantes, Chili's, Sushi-Itto, Burger King
Music and Fun.-He likes hanging out with his friends at BULLDOG CAFÉ, EL HIJO DEL CUERVO, EL FORO IDEAL and sometimes you will find him buying cd's at Mix Up and Tower Records.
Everyone knows that he's METALLICA'S #1 FAN and a music-addict (he's got about 235 cd's!), 60 of them are Metallica's cd's! His close friends also know that he looks up to Lars Ulrich and that he loves playing the drums.
And he keeps informed about the new musical material, because he listens to Radioactivo (98 y 1/2, Fm)
He has strange tastes, he likes some of the ugliest women on the Earth, and he claims to be really crazy about: Sasha, Meg Ryan, Gabrielle Anwar, and well, who knows life can have so many surprises!
He is really aficionated to the movies and one of his fave is The Blair Witch Project and he considers Jeremy Irons one of the best actors of the present times. He likes reading Ernest Hemingway, Anton Chekhov, Vladimir Nabokov, Emile Zola, and some others.
He likes drinking coke a lot and that he smokes too! He loves teaching but what he likes the most are his students (specially the female ones)
Personal Info.
As we already said, "Your Webmaster" is a shy human being so the only data we have about his roots is that he was born one misty morning (according to his mom) on March 17, 1971. So we can conclude, that he is 29, pisces, maybe he likes the cold weather and very important HE DO HAS A MOTHER

If you want to contact this strange specimen you have many options:
ICQ#: 89421182
Phone number: (5)6030047
Cell phone: 044 5 21 90 03 87